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Diabolical Dave’s Rumble Throwdown

Diabolical Dave’s Rumble Throwdown is a throwback to classical professional wrestling, pitting players against a variety of superstars, and each other, as they struggle to rise through the wrestling ranks and claim the ultimate prize – the DWC World Championship!

Diabolical Dave is waiting – are you his next champion?

Kickstarter planned for 2024.

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About Grimmsteel Games

The Grimmsteel Games team are gamers first. Most of our design discussions come during RPG sessions or while playing random board and card games. We don’t talk on the phone … we talk while we’re finishing a video game fetch quest!

What started out as a project to create new roleplaying adventure modules changed drastically with a simple question: “Wouldn’t it be cool to make a board game based on pro wrestling?”